The Jefferson Foundation put together a few frequently asked questions that we think may help you during this transition.

>> Read the official announcement from JGSBS Dean Gerald Grunwald

When does the name change become official?
The official change to Jefferson Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences took place on July 1, 2012. The new name and logo will appear in online and print documents as they are updated over the coming months.

Why did Jefferson College of Graduate Studies change its name?
The School is a far different place than it was at the time of its founding in 1969, as the graduate division of Thomas Jefferson University. As the Board of Directors and the leadership of the School developed strategic plans for the future, the need for a name that more accurately communicates the School's academic mission became evident. Jefferson Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences emphasizes the achievements of its students, alumni, faculty, staff and programs. The commitment to the longstanding mission of providing the highest quality graduate and postdoctoral education and research training in the biomedical sciences continues unchanged.

Should I update my resume to reflect this change? What should it say now?

For pre-2012 alumni who refer to the school on their resumes, we recommend the using the verbiage “Jefferson Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (formerly known as Jefferson College of Graduate Studies, name change effective July 1, 2012).” However, you may choose to simply keep it as JCGS or to replace it with JGSBS—it’s your decision.

Will I be issued a new diploma?
New diplomas will not be issued.

What about the School’s core mission and values?

The school continues to fulfill its historic commitment to graduate and postdoctoral education and research training in the biomedical sciences, in order to prepare students and fellows to make significant contributions to the progress of biomedical science through careers in academia, industry and government. The new name better reflects the core mission and values already in place at the School.

Will student, faculty, or staff e-mail addresses change?
All student and faculty emails are still preceded with “” There is no change.

Who should I contact if I have questions?
Please send all questions to
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